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I recently picked up a 1975 SPECTRA Day Cruiser. It's a 20 foot Jet Boat with an Oldsmoble 455 cubic inch engine and Jacuzzi WJ-B Pump.

It was bought new in 1975 and has spent it's entire life here at the River. In 1997 the engine and pump were re-built and had the seats redone, and it was garaged shortly thereafter, where it has languished ever since.

The boat was painted many years ago. The original colors were green with the trademark woodgrain trim. I kind of like the purple splash it wears now, done by a local customizer that owed the previous owner money, and rather than fork over the cash, took it out in trade.

I didn't have to do anything to this thing to get it out on the River, except an oil and filter change, fuel filter change, install a stereo, and a new battery. I am planning on trying to squeeze a few more ponies out of it, by addding an Edelbrock Torker manifold and 750 Holley, but that will be an off season project this winter.

Since this boat wil mainly ply the Parker Strip, and I have an affinity for Bloodhound Search dogs, I felt that this was a fitting name.

I show my pride of ownership in this boat with vehicle window decals I had specially made. They're proudly displayed on both my 1996 GMC P/U (below) and my 2004 Tahoe.

They are an almost exact replica of the SPECTRA brand displayed on the side of the boat. If you'd like one (or a few) for your own vehicle(s), drop me an email and I'll hook you up.

I'll be putting more photos up when I get them, so be sure and come back often.

And also check out my BoatCop store, that now features some SPECTRA branded items like shirts, tote bags, cups and more.

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